The African Passion

Inspiring the lost hopes Globally.

About Us

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Our Mission 🎗

Make people’s lives better everyday naturally.
L - Leadership
E- Education
A - Advocacy
D - Development - we do project proposals, seminars and workshops for both our department heads, members and staffs. We volunteer our services to both communities and school campuses. Churches, mosques and orphanage sites. All we seek is inclusion.

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Our Vision 🔎

The Vision of TAP is to “Rebuilding the Damage Hopes and restoring it With Passion for Maintaining Peace.”

Okay STOP, Now enjoy you reading about TAP

"Mr. Simgbay K. Kabbah Jr Founder / CEO - special statement: inclusiveness has always been shown as the best way to make impacts, we find it pleasing to volunteer our last moments to dignify others."

The African Passion (TAP) was established October 29, 2019 and with the aim to Advocate for the Liberian people and to contribute to the national government effort through Education, Leadership training and to Advocate against every bad governance, Human rights Practice.

Leadership: in Line with the structuring TAP-AFRICA’s leadership we are very thoughtful and gender sensitive. Our team has been participating in several leadership trainings, workshops, seminars and others mentorship program.

Advocacy: TAP-AFRICA brings a more mature and robust mindset of advocacy which we believe should be in a very clear and responsible tune. We are very committed to serving as the breach between an ill society where people aren’t fortunate to speak for themselves. We’ve achieved a lot in advocacy because we are credible, respectful and responsible under our laws, Then you add several of those protesting actions that had been going on as about us being inclusive. TAP had participated in several protest that which is in the confine of TAP by-laws, which include Bad Human Rights and Bad Governance. Just to name few of those protest.

Education: One thing that has driven our purpose as young people is to help uplift and standardized education. Over the pass years we have strived to make our meaningful contributions by initiating financial school aid and school related materials to deserving students, as education remain a national emergency we are focused to eradicating together. Every year in other for us to support our Educational program, we write people to help sponsor our program by sponsoring just one kid or more and we also do flyer and every members post it on their various social media pages and encourage to help support our program by donating bag, book, pen, pencil and funds as well. With the help of people who see it necessary to contribute to our educational program, that we can freely say now that TAP have 26 kids that is under her sponsorship.

Meet the Team

Simgbay K. Kabbah Jr.


Amb.Momo E. Youngar


Gabriel S.P Koon

Vice President for Administration

Amb. George S Taylor

Secretary General

Samelia C. Sweadee


Thomas Caranda

IT Director

Lisa T. Teah

Recruitment & Mobilization Chair

Abrabam S. Bangura

Vice-chair -Operation

Ojestin Brooks

Public Relation Officer

Ida Thompson

Deputy Public Relations Officer

Abraham C. Greenfield

Director for Organisation Affairs.

Leticia G. Sawbo

Welfare chair

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